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Unboxing videos are important.

What is an unboxing video?

Online shopping is different than shopping in person. A customer can't personally interact with the product and experience it before purchase. This is where an unboxing video fills in the gap. An unboxing video is a thorough unpacking and demonstration of your product so your future customer watches someone else experience the product before purchase. This way, the customer knows what to expect when the product is delivered and is confident about their purchase.

Why is an unboxing video important for my listing?

Inform Your Customer

Customers look at photo and video reviews. As a seller, you cannot control that; but you can control the uploaded videos that a customer can see. Take that opportunity to upload an informative unboxing video of your product and highlight its amazing features.

Manage Customer Expectations

Including an unboxing video manages your future customer's expectations of your product. They are confident in their purchase because they saw someone experience it. They know exactly what to expect; therefore, reducing the likelihood for returns.

Create Trust

A genuine, authentic unboxing of your product creates a relationship with your customer built on trust about your product, which they will appreciate. As a seller, you are being honest and helpful with their decision-making. They will be more inclined to purchase products from you again knowing they can trust your videos and quality of products.

Why should I unbox with Lexi?

Lexi is a friendly and kind unboxer who genuinely wants to help your customers with their decision-making process.

about me

Hi, I'm Lexi!

Nice to meet you.

I am well-spoken.
I am genuine.
I am charismatic.
I am informative.

I am exactly what an effective unboxing video needs to be!

I have my Bachelor of Arts in Education and Master of Arts in Linguistics. After years of teaching English from preschool age to adults in the United States, Germany, and Chile, I am highly aware of how to successfully communicate a message to a variety of individuals.

Don’t just believe me – watch a sample video here!